Cemani Farms Poultry Breeding
Cemani farms uses traditional methods to breed rare, exotic and endangered varieties of poultry in Indonesia. Indonesia is well known for having ancient species, breeds and hybrids based on local indigenous stock. The International poultry world is very excited by the unique breeds of chicken which are available from Indonesia and can’t seem to get enough of them.

Indonesia has several local wild forms and domestic strains of the famous Red Jungle Fowl, Gallus gallus. This is the ancient ancestor of all domestic breeds of chicken in the world today including breeds such as the Japanese Onagadory and the spectacular Sumatran breeds of fighting cocks.

Indonesia also is the home of the rare Green Jungle Fowl, Gallus varius, a completely different species which like the Red Jungle Fowl can still be found in the wild on different islands of Indonesia. The Green Jungle Fowl has a different appearance and cry and is a very beautiful wild creature. Indonesia is also the original home of the famous Bekisar, a hybrid between the Green Jungle Fowl and the Javan Red Jungle Fowl.

At Cemani Farms, we also are proud to be raising the Ayam Cemani, Laughing Chickens, Pelung or Long Crow Chickens as well as Bekisars and pure strains of both indigenous chickens, the Red and Green Jungle Fowl.


Poultry Breeding

To meet the high quality demand of the International market place, only the very best birds are obtained as brood stock. At Cemani Farms, we believe in providing a varied diet and use only the highest quality organic feed for our stock.

We provide organic corn, rice, leafy vegetables, fruits and grasses and obtain the best protein and carbohydrate ratios by growing, selecting and harvesting these crops ourselves.

Cemani Farms have Health Certifications from the Indonesian Agricultural Department and NPWP Certifications. All our stock is completely free from the Avian Influenza Virus.