Ayam Cemani
The Ayam Cemani are the most rare and exotic breed of chicken in the world. They are truly unique in that they are completely black all over; comb, tongue, skin, muscle, bone, organs and feathers. This condition is known as hypermelanosis.

Whilst this genetic condition is shared with the well known Silkie bantam, no breed of full size chicken with adult feathers, large crest and wattles is black like the Ayam Cemani.

Originally from Java, Indonesia, Ayam Cemani are credited with mystical powers and are often used in medicine and in sacrificial rituals to bring good luck and fortune.

Our Ayam Cemani have been bred for many generations, starting with our Cemani “King”. The breeding program has only ever used pure Ayam Cemani hens and cockerels and there has never been a break in the hypermelanistic characteristics. Please see the You Tube videos of our 100% pure breeding stock.

In the early 19th Century, Dutch traders brought the Ayam Cemani onto the International market place and the breed became very popular but then was lost as a pure breed. Despite this early trade and enthusiasm, the Ayam Cemani remains a very rare breed, even in Indonesia. Many breeders and hobbyists still love this bird and both rarity and high demand continue to make Ayam Cemani the most expensive and desirable chicken breed in the world.

Cemani Farms has the best quality pure breed Ayam Cemani anywhere.
Now you can raise Ayam Cemani yourself by buying them from their original home.

Ayam Cemani Ayam Cemani Ayam Cemani Hen
Ayam Cemani Ayam Cemani Ayam Cemani