Ayam Bekisar Hybrid
Ayam Bekisar or Bekisar Chickens are hybrids. They are an F1 (first generation) Hybrid between a Green Jungle Fowl male and domestic breed female. The hybrid originated on Madura Island 10 kilometres from Surabaya and north of Bali.

The males were traditionally used to help people stay in touch with each other when they were out at sea on outrigger canoes. Because the calls are so clear, loud and distinct, the sound can travel across long distances and so each boat had its own adult cockerel, often kept in a wicker cage. This meant that the mysterious and valuable Bekisar was traded all over the Indo-Malay area and into the western Pacific.

Bekisar have a wonderful colours with glossy metallic blue-black neck, chest and tail feathers and a beautiful upright comb.

The female hybrids are always sterile and most males are normally sterile too, so they cannot be bred as a pure breed, but there is a theory that many thousands of years ago some fertile Bekisar males bred with females from breeds derived from Red Jungle Fowl and later managed to cross the Pacific Ocean with the Polynesian people to help create the famous blue-egg-laying Araucana chickens of South America. The Green Jungle Fowl is the original wild bird that carries the gene for blue-egg shell so it must have been the great-grand-father somewhere in history!

The value of a Bekisar is based on its voice as well as the look, so only the clearest voice Green Jungle Fowl and the daughters of the clearest voice Red Jungle Fowl are used in breeding. Their parents must also be of exactly the right size and temperament, so that they can happily breed together. Nowadays, artificial insemination and other breeding techniques are also being used to increase the population.

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