The Laughing Chicken brings laughter every day. The cockerels are the clowns of the poultry world, but they don’t know it. They are to be loved and admired because their long drawn out laughing crow is so infectious.

They frequently are used in Indonesia in competitions for the best laughing crow, with sizeable prizes for the champions. If you buy or breed Laughing Chickens, your neighbours are sure to enjoy hearing it. As you can see, they also a have fabulous range of colours.

Until recently, the Indonesian Government carefully protected and regulated the breeding and trading of the Laughing Chicken, but they have recently been released to the market and for public display. As the Laughing Chicken is so new to the International market place, very few breeders worldwide have any knowledge of them.

However, since their debut on You Tube, and now on other internet channels, the demand for these birds has skyrocketed with many emails from breeders and hobbyists around the world. We have our hands full keeping up with the steep demand.

We hope the Laughing Chicken contest becomes truly International. One of the reasons why the Indonesian Government is now promoting and encouraging the trading of this breed, is that it has become endangered, partly because traditionally the Laughing Chicken could only be owned and bred by the royal family of Bugis from Makasar Sulawesi, one of Indonesia’s far eastern islands.

Now with the help of the internet, you can help keep this pure breed of remarkable and very funny chickens alive for a long time to come. If you manage to get some Laughing Chickens into your back yard, for sure.... you will love them.

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