Pelung Chicken
Pelung chicken is a longcrow and singing chickens type. At first the pelung chicken found in West Java, especially on Cianjur area. In its development, the pelung chicken already widely spread in various regions in Indonesia.

Pelung Chicken it self including domestic poultry species, which is native to Indonesia from chicken. Of a shape similar to other domestic poultry, it's just that the pelung chicken there are several advantages that distinguish pelung chicken with other free-range chicken.

Excess - Excess pelung chickens are as follows:

1. Great body posture

Pelung chicken is a type of free-range chicken greatest weight when compared to other domestic poultry. Pelung cock adult male can reach weights 5 - 6 kg, being pelung chicken females can reach a maximum of 3.5 kg . The amount of weight growth is making pelung chickens also potential free-range broiler chickens.

2. Quick Chicken more development

When compared with other domestic poultry, pelung chicken growing faster large, this is because pelung chicken have great posture, so that the development of pelung chicken until the chicken starts pelung puppies will mature faster great.

3. Crowed a melodious voice and long

The most interesting of chicken pelung chicken is a crow typical sound, rhythmic / melodious and length. Pelung chicken which has the sound quality is not just long, but the sound of crowing
pelung long cock pulsating with rhythmic / like a song.